Rest In Peace Stan Lee


 To a little girl from the suburbs, the characters he created through comics were both an escape and a beacon of hope. Comics were my early foray in literature,a vessel that built my vocabulary, an instrument that helped me become comfortable to a language that was not innately mine. My takeaway most especially is that the essential underlying theme of comics is that we’ve always had what the superheroes call “powers”, the power to do good, that no matter how complex and arduous it is to do the right thing, it counts for something. Especially now at these uncertain times, other than believing, we should move forward to making sure that good will always triumph over evil IRL. Thank you Stan Lee, May you Rest In Peace sir. 💔 #ripstanlee #stanleelegacy #anatomyofacomicbookgirlsbrokenheart

Martha Stewart Halloween Collection

We went to Michael’s over the weekend and the husband and I could have sworn that everybody and their cousins were there panic buying for Halloween. We were actually there for a totally different reason. Anyhoo, I really liked the Halloween goodies from Martha Stewart that I came across with. They are pragmatic yet stylish. 

Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes and Zedd Remix

This remix of “Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes and Zedd just makes me so giddy and happy. I actually already adored the original already but I really love the additional texture from Zedd.

Halloween Decor 2018


Still kept the Halloween decor at la Maison L wholesome for the munchkin. The fresh mums in pots were from Walmart since I like how reasonably priced they were and lasted up until Thanksgiving. The rest of the decorations were actually a combination of Dollar Tree and 99 cents store items. As for the kitchen island vignette, the tall red candle holders and mini houses candle holders were for Pier 1 imports while the Boo, wicked signs, and black little owl were from 99 cents store as well. The munchkin was happy with how it all turned out as he was asking me to decorate since the beginning of October.

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone! 

Hubby Birthday

To the one I didn’t “settle down” with but the remarkable person who I “persevere growth” with everyday, Happy Birthday dearest Dada! The munchkin and I love you more than our hearts can hold. You are the continuously superlative grace we are most definitely thankful for. ❤️❤️❤️ #happybirthdaymonamour

Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is one of the most complex characters from the X-men world. Her power is so pervasive that it is immensely dangerous for her to realize that. Another strong woman lead, the future is indeed female.

BTS at the United Nations

BTS came to the United Nations to help launch the United Nations' Generation Unlimited, an education and employment program for young people, K-pop super group BTS gave a speech about empowerment and love. RM, the appointed leader of the chart topping group, was their spokesperson. Amazing to see these boys using their following and clout for a worthwhile cause. Kudos BTS!

The Whys of Life

There was a young boy with the most melancholic eyes who accidentally fell into a raging river. He was too frail to fight the currents so he took it as life’s way of asking him to surrender. Life was abandoning him, like the very people who brought him out to the world, he thought. Against all odds, the boy inexplicably survived and no one exactly knew who saved him. He always wondered why he was saved though as he was growing up. He decided that it was life’s way of asking him to fight, rise above the adversity, so he did. On the day he eloped and married the love of his life, he said “Ah, this is why I lived”. On the day his firstborn son let out his first wail, he said, “unbelievably another reason why”. When he first set his eyes on who was going to be his only daughter, smitten, he said “I’m grateful for another reason why”. On the most unexpected time, he welcomed his youngest son, he said “Wow, another reason why”. And those saddest eyes of his, they became a pair of elation ready to meet his every “reason” why...until it was time to finally close. You always said that you finally understood God’s plan to let you live that fateful day as each of us came into your life as your family. We all know the truth though, you’ve had it backwards all this time, it’s because you were born today, is why we got to live. Happy Birthday dearest Daddy, evermore, you are my most important why. Your girl still misses you and those bright eyes, everyday of my life. #4reasonswhy #happybirthdaydearestdaddy #godsplan

Picks n' Pics Fashion Week Edition

New York Fashion week has recently concluded. London and Milan followed. Paris Fashion week is gearing up for its turn. Here’s a list of what I’m loving so far:

Captain Marvel

I have limited exposure and knowledge about Captain Marvel. I am glad though that Hollywood has taken liberty (for good cause this time) to go with the female iteration of (Brie Larson) Captain Marvel. The original Captain Marvel was a male superhero in the comics. The trailer looks awesomely action packed. Is she the savior we desparately needed to go against the bejeweled Thanos? Can’t wait to see.

Fauchon and Peet's Nespresso Compatible Pods

Since I discovered Starbucks for Nespresso pods last year, I just get excited when I see other companies follow suit. I got the set from Fauchon, Paris a couple of months ago. Peet’s also got into the Nespresso compatible pods. It means more variety for Nespresso drinkers like me. Please note that these are for the original model only and not for the Vertuo line.

New Books Acquisitions

Part of our travels really is acquiring books. It’s mostly desserts , pastry or bread recipe books for the hubby for obvious reasons. While I also like recipe books, I lean more towards savory recipes also souvenir books from Museums. The munchkin love boos about transportation special to each city. The downside though is that it can get heavy for the luggage so you have to be mindful in making allowances. While we know we can get some of these books in electronic format, nothing still beats the feel of an actual hardback, and we also usually try to get a signed copy whenever possible.


Here are the recent acquisitions  from recent travels

 Fortnum & Mason The Cookbook by Parker Bowles. You read the last name right, he is the son of the current Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.


Le Pain De La Terre A La Table by Christophe Vasseur- The hubby really felt compelled to buy this from Du Pain et Des Idées


Simple by Yotam Ottolenghi- See my post on Ottolenghi here

Dominique Ansel Los Angeles

Dominique Ansel Los Angeles was on a fruit tart frenzy when we visited recently. They had a their own version of Summer Marché farmers market full of 12 different fresh fruit tarts for Labor Day weekend. Everything looked so amazing in detail. We chose the Mango Champagne tart, and the Strawberry tart. We could not pass up on the cronut for the month of August: Strawberry Basil, filled with ripe strawberry jam and a creamy basil ganache. We also tried the cute, fluffy and perfect for summer, Pop Fleur. Always a delight to come by Dominique Ansel :).

The Manzke's Republique and Sari Sari Store

Walter and Margarita Manzke, a husband and wife team, has been rocking the LA food scene for the past few years. We went to try 2 of the 3 restaurants they have in LA: Republique and Sari Sari Store.


We were pressed for time so we only got to try the pastry side of Republique. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their offerings. We had creme brulee bombolonis, kouign amann and chocolate croissant and loved all of it.

The whole space is quite instagrammable.

624 South La Brea Avenue, 
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tel. 310.362.6115

Open Daily 8:00am - 3:00pm
Coffee, Pastries, Bread only from 3:00-4:00pm
Breakfast/Lunch: Walk-ins only.
Sun-Wed; 5:30pm-10:00pm
Thurs- Sat; 5:30pm-11:00pm
Bar Opens at 5:30pm daily for drinks & hors d'oeuvres
Reservations encouraged
Walk-ins welcome

Sari Sari Store

I’ve been telling the munchkin about how our family had a “Sari-Sari Store” when I was a kid in the Philippines. It’s like a minuscule local entrepreneurial 7-11-ish convenience store which is usually part of the house (to save money on rent, lol). There’s usually a good number of these stores within the neighborhood. I had the best childhood memories there while my grandpa and grandma manned it. It’s just so cool that I am able to give him now a complete visual reference 🤓 with it as the facade for the restaurant. My mom went nuts on their version of buco pie which is not a simple feat because we came from the town that specializes on these pies.

Grand Central Market,
317 South Broadway,
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Mon – Thu: 11am – 8pm
Fri: 11am – 9pm
Sat: 10am – 9pm
Sun: 10am – 8pm
(323) 320-4020

Geometric & Gold Home Decor

Truth be told, I am not yet ready for the holiday season,. I think I need about 2 more months to for my mind to get caught up with the whole calendar. But because I do not have Thanos’ time stone (geek alert), I just have to deal. The holidays usually means redecorating our home and looking at new themes. Lately, I’ve found myself being into the modern geometric designs in gold. I’m not sure if it’s because that’s the aesthetic du jour for most of the new restaurants we’ve seen from our travels recently. I think I will be going with the modern vibe for the family room that will make its way to the kitchen by Christmas. Slowly but surely, I’ve been amassing pieces that could potentially work cohesively through my go-to home décor store, Pier 1 Imports.


Here’s what I have found so far:

 I find that the lanterns can be multi-purpose. For example, instead of using the tall ones for candles, I’ve put in miniature Eiffel towers in them for now. I may still use the hexagon as lanterns for the holidays but I may use it as a vase for silk flowers as well.

I love these gold cups. It’s simple but has character. It’s pragmatic too as it’s like those Moscow mules that keeps cold drinks cold. It’s also unbreakable so it’s ideal for my 8 y.o. It matched my dinnerware too! I’m now on the lookout for a modern and gold utensils set to complete the look (recommendations are welcome).

 C’est La Vie- what’s not to love?

Small geometric candle holders- here’s another tip for you. You can mix and match tall candle holders with short ones. The shapes and colors just has to make sense. You don’t have to buy the big candles all the time. I do mix and matching all the time because sometimes what you want is simply not out there. I put these votive holders with a geometric house on top of the tall candle holder to make it more dramatic.


I’m just going to have to put in a holiday twist for all of these in the next couple of months.

Americana at Brand Roundup (Glendale, CA)

Glendale is one of the cities next to Los Angeles that I frequented when I used to live in West Hollywood. I used to take my grandma there too and we would hang out together over the weekends. It has seen so much developments with the rise of Americana at Brand coupled with Glendale Galleria’s renovations. They likewise have our trio’s essentials: Shake Shack, Barnes & Nobles and now Laduree.

Here’s our roundup:

Din Tai Fung

This is actually where we first tried this Taiwanese dim sum franchise and there was no looking back. Thankfully, we got there by around 10:45 am right before the massive rush so the usual 2 hours we usually wait in Santa Clara was cut down to only 40 minutes. They never take reservations hence the long wait, Their Xiao Long Baos are worth waiting for though.


The Laduree within Americana is smaller than its Beverly Hills and The Grove counterparts. They also do not have the full menu but they have their signature pastries and macarons. The seating area is part of the community outdoor space.

Pie Hole  

The Earl Grey pie is simply delish! Sorry I don’t have a better picture but take my word for it, it’s good!

The rest of the Americana at the Brand  

Here are some pics this time and my previous post here:


More of Downtown LA

We chose to stay in Downtown LA this time because a good number of things/places we wanted to try was there. Here’s the round up: 

Grand Central Market

This is one of the crowd pleasers for Downtown as it offers a wide variety of artisanal products. There are seating areas inside and outside but it gets packed easily so some people take their food to go. It’s not as extensive as Borough Market in London but have good choices nevertheless. We hit up Eggslut and Villa Moreleina.

Angel’s Flight

A short history:  

Since the trip up and down is relatively short, the charge is relatively cheap as well. You can then walk up to MOCA or The Broad. 

The Original Philippe

This is the local favorite deli. Family and friends throughout the years have made it tradition to eat there on days the Dodgers are playing. They have maintained their decor so it’s like stepping back in time. The munchkin the side by side telephone booths amusing. The queue gets long too. We got there just a little over 10 am and there were lines already. The munchkin loves his turkey sandwich and the hubby enjoyed his pastrami. This is truly one beloved establishments by Angelenos.  

Blue Bottle  

Right across the Grand Central Market is Blue Bottle Coffee. I’m so glad they have a branch there. The store is spacious, bright and airy. The coffee, of course is excellent as usual.  



Kitchen Island Theme: Cafe/Bistro Vibes

Since it’s still between Summer and Fall, I went for Café feel for our kitchen island. I make the décor of corner or our kitchen island is seasonal and thematic as it’s fun for the munchkin and also signals major holiday celebrations. The metal chalkboard was also from Pier 1 Imports. I spray painted the frame though to match the gold running theme since late last year. I found the crystal Eiffel from Marshalls about 3 years ago. The mini houses and candles were from Pier 1 as well. The teapot that I turned into a vase was a souvenir from  a friend’s party that I spray painted too (home decorating tip: spray paint is your friend, you can change colors per your theme of the moment, saves you $$ too by keeping the cost minimal).  I get really inspired to cook and redecorate after very travel so Bistro/Café vibes it is for us for the kitchen and the casual dining area. I’ll probably stay with the theme towards Fall and the Holiday Season.